miércoles, 6 de diciembre de 2017

protect or encrypt my seed of iota wallet

a security problem has become to protect the password of the wallet of official iota since it does not have a username and password, for which anyone who has your iota address can enter and send transferecnias to other wallets, a few days ago a friend step that had more than $ 12,000 dollars in iotas the new digital cryptocurrency that goes up as foam, but as we can protect ourselves from copying our seed of iota here we have the solution.

everything began evaluating the seed of iota which for a strong security must have 81 characters the next program of cryptography has that option, but it is not all we have to do, we must camouflage that address to be able to leave it on the pc, for that we are going to download the following program called vigeptore cryptography.

sw vigeptore cryptography

Once downloaded we open it, at the top a field will appear that says "clave" a and we will colcoar a password that you remember, this password should not forget it or if you are not lost I for example will put "cat"

then we will paste our seed of iota if we have it if we do not create a new one by clicking on "seed 81 characters" but if we already have our iota address or iota password already created we paste it in the field where it says "mensaje -> "

after this we go to where it says "crear cryptograma" automatically give us the encrypted or encrypted seed which can be saved on the pc and anyone can see it without risk of stealing the seed of iota because it is encrypted with a password cryptography vigenere.

when we want to decrypt we remember the password that we put above remember that I put "cat" if they put another will not tell you the original seed and will tell you another because with this encryption it is very difficult for a hacker to steal our password.

now we only save these characters encrypted in any pc or print it when we want to decrypt the characters just open the program and go to the bottom where it says "decrypt cryptogram" a and we put the encrypted characters and we give in that button "desencriptar cryptograma- -> "

this is one of the most secure ways to protect a password string of 81 characters of iota a password like 2 passwords, this program I always use it to protect my passwords and passwords with double password